What is EncycloSearch?

EncycloSearch is a free, open source encyclopedia search engine. It searches over a dozen encyclopedias at once, and allows you to submit your own articles.

What is the Knowledge Standards Foundation?

The Knowledge Standards Foundation is a non-profit organization. It is creating a decentralized network of encyclopedias—the Encyclosphere—and other cool projects like this one. To visit the KSF's website, click here.

Is EncycloSearch the same thing as the Encyclosphere?

No. EncycloSearch is not, and never will be, the Encyclosphere. It is simply a search engine for encyclopedia articles.

What's EncycloSearch's privacy policy?

The only data EncycloSearch collects is the data you enter into the submit form. It doesn't collect any other data—not even your IP address.

How can I contribute?

The easiest way to contribute is to submit an article. If you're familiar with JSON and CSS selectors, try adding an encyclopedia to encyclopedias.json.